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Information collected about FOI requesters (R012857)

Information collected about FOI requesters (R012857)

Thank you for your email date 11 April in which you asked under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) for the undernoted information:

“I would like to make a Freedom of Information request for information on what kind of data COPFS collects or has collected on FOI requesters (and any guidance relating to this data collection) in the past two years and if such data or requests are discussed or shared with other (which) public bodies.”

The information which COPFS holds in relation to FOI requesters extends to the name of the requester, their contact details and the nature of their request, together with date of receipt, reply and decision taken.  Information is retained for as long as there is a business need in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act.  

COPFS holds no guidance in relation to the collection of this data, other than desk instructions for general administration purposes.

Sharing of information with other public bodies about requests would only be carried out where it was necessary to respond to the request and where appropriate in terms of our competing data protection obligations.  However, it is our general practice to refer requesters directly to other public bodies when the information sought is not held by COPFS.