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Military Training Deaths (18/08/2016) (R013841)

Thank you for your request dated 1 August 2016 under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) for the undernoted information:

“According to a recent report, Beyond Endurance - Military Exercises and the Duty of Care, dated 24th April 2016, there were 13 Military training/exercise deaths in Scotland between 1st Jan 2000 and 20th Feb 2016. The people involved and the date of their death are as follows:

Lance Corporal                              Robert Brown                5th June 2001

Leading Hand                                Jeffery Walters              21st Feb 2004

Major                                            David Knight                25th May 2005

Staff Sergeant                               Albert Mccormick           4th Sept 2005

Marine                                           Steven Beveridge          16th Oct 2005

Sergeant                                       David Macgregor           12th Aug 2008

Flight Lieutenant                           Kenneth Thompson        2nd July 2009

Flight Lieutenant                           Nigel Morton                  2nd July 2009

Corporal                                        Gordon Brass               28th May 2010

Flight Lieutenant                           Hywel Poole                    3rd July 2012

Flight Lieutenant                           Adam Sanders                3rd July 2012

Squadron Leader                           Samuel Bailey                3rd July 2012

Lieutenant (RN)                             Joseph Wright                 8th Jan 2016

Can you advise me as to which ones were the subject of an FAI?”

In accordance with our Records Management Policy, the majority of the hard copy papers in relation to the deaths you are requesting information for have been destroyed, however, examination of the information retained on our database indicates that Fatal Accident Inquiries were not held in any of the deaths where the papers have been destroyed.

In relation to those deaths where we still retain hard copy papers, I can confirm that none were the subject of a Fatal Accident Inquiry.

On the information you have provided to us, I have been unable to trace a report in relation to the death of David Macgregor, accordingly, in terms of Section 17 of FOISA, we do not hold the information you have requested in relation to his death.

COPFS Records Management Policy can be viewed using on this page.