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Responses 2016

POCA (25/11/2016) (R014655)

Non-white staff employed in COPFS (22/11/2016) (R014647)

Complaints Against the Police (18/11/2016) (R014400)

Fatal Accidents on stretch of A68 (15/11/2016) (R014726)

POCA (10/11/2016) (R014545)

Trainees (08/11/2016) (R014574)

Dangerous Driving Cases (07/11/2016) (R014511)

Sick days, Temporary Promotions, Delays in sentencing due to unavailability of reports (03/11/2016) (R014477)

Cases falling due to exceeding time bar limits. Hours allocated to PFs for training and continuing professional development (02/11/2016)(R014469)

European Arrest Warrants (07/10/2016) (R014299)