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Cases Timebarred on Receipt (R009078)

Freedom of Information: Cases Timebarred on Receipt (R009078)

As discussed, please find the amended data enclosed.

To clarify matters, I have attached the table that you were previously provided, except that I have highlighted the statutory charges that do not timebar (Annex A). 

I have also attached a new version of the table with the statutory charges that do not timebar removed (Annex B). 

As previously explained, due how the COPFS electronic case management system works, while our records will indicate that the whole case was marked as ‘Timebarred on receipt’, there may be certain common law and statutory charges within such cases that such a marking does not apply to, as they do not timebar. If no action was taken in relation to such charges then this will have been for reasons other than being ‘Timebarred on receipt’. 

I hope that this is of assistance. 

pdfAnnexA - R009078 Timebarred on Receipt.pdf314.74 KB

pdfAnnex B - R009078 Timebarred on Receipt .pdf278.42 KB