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Victim Support Pilot Scheme (R010041)

Victim Support Pilot Scheme (R010041)

Thank you for your further email of 1 April 2015 in relation to the Victim Support Scotland (VSS) pilot scheme.

Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) you request a copy of the service level agreement or contract regulating payments made to the scheme and a breakdown of the £100,000 figure provided to you on 3 February 2015.
The sum of £50,000 and was paid on 27 March 2012 for start-up and piloting costs, and contains the following breakdown:

  • Recruitment costs: £500
  • Salary: £27,000
  • Office rental (and configuration): £6000
  • IT Developments: £8000
  • Office Equipment: £1000
  • IT Equipment (set up & install): £1,500
  • Telephony and Postage: £2000
  • Associated Staff Costs: £4000

Two further payments of £25,000 were made on 20 August 2013 and 7 May 2014.

I also enclose a copy of the Service Agreement in place for the pilot scheme, at Annex A.

Please note in accordance with our obligations in terms of section 7(4) of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), some sections of these documents have been redacted or deleted to remove personal data relating to other individuals, where this is necessary in terms of our competing obligations under the DPA.

pdfVSS Service Agreement - Annex A 490.77 KB