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Temporary Promotions

Freedom of Information: Temporary Promotions (R008251)

Thank you for your request dated 31 July 2014 under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) for the following information:

'I understand that under Civil Service Rules that Temporary Promotion should not exceed 12 months.

I would be grateful if you could tell me how many COPFS employees have been on Temporary Promotion for more than 12 months.'

It may be useful for you to if I refer you first to the relevant provisions of the Civil Service Management code

6.4.1 Departments and agencies have authority to determine promotion and lateral transfer arrangements for their own staff, subject to the following conditions.

I attach a link to the Civil Service Management Code for your ease of reference.

As you can see it is not correct to say that the Civil Service Management Code rules that temporary promotions cannot exceed 12 months, rather it is clear that responsibility for this lies solely with COPFS.

COPFS have issued guidance to staff which states;

"Periods of temporary promotion will be reviewed in line with the timescales appropriate to the vacancy. Where it is anticipated that this may extend beyond a 12 month period, the role will be re-evaluated in line with business need and in consultation with HR. Approval will be given where the business case sets out information and evidence that supports an extension of temporary promotion."

The total number of people on temporary promotion for over 12 months is 40.