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Pay Agreement (R008560)

 Freedom of Information: Pay Agreement (R008560)

Thank you for your e-mail of 4 September 2014 in which you requested the following information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA):

1) Name of unions which are signatories to your main collective agreement covering pay and conditions;
2) Number of employees covered by the agreement;
3) Lists of grades and current pay rates. Please indicate any agreed equivalence between the grade names used within the list and the following civil service grades:

  1. Administrative Assistant (AA)
  2. Administrative Officer (AO)
  3. Executive Officer (EO)
  4. Higher Executive Officer (HEO)
  5. Senior Executive Officer (SEO)
  6. Grade 7 
  7. Grade 6

4) Copy of latest pay settlement. If the latest pay settlement is based on the 1% maximum paybill increase set by the Treasury, please provide the following information on how the 1% has been applied:

  1. Have there been any changes to the pay scales?
  2. Are progression payments being paid?
  3. Are performance-related bonuses being paid? If so, what are the arrangements for performance-related bonuses?

5) Have any changes to terms and conditions been implemented as a result of the Civil Service Reform Plan (Modernising the Employment Contract)? If so, what changes have been made? Do these changes apply to:

  1. new staff? 
  2. promoted staff?
  3. existing staff?

We have completed our search for the information you requested and our responses are noted below:

1) There are two unions which are signatories to our main collective agreement covering pay and conditions:

FDA (First Division Association)
Head Office: 8 Leake Street, London SE1 7NN - representing legal staff

PCS (Public & Commercial Services Union)
Head Office: 160 Falcon Road, London SW11 2LN - representing administrative staff

2) The number of employees as at 31 August 2014 covered by the pay agreement was 1,726.

3) The current pay range for each COPFS grade is contained in the Pay Offer document attached at Annex A. COPFS grades and their equivalent civil service grades are contained in the following table

Civil Service Grade

COPFS equivalent

Administrative Assistant (AA)

No equivalent

Administrative Officer (AO)

Band B

Executive Officer (EO)

Band C

Higher Executive Officer (HEO)

Band D

Senior Executive Officer (SEO)

Band E; Procurator Fiscal Depute; Senior Procurator Fiscal Depute *

Grade 7

Principal Procurator Fiscal Depute; Band F

Grade 6

Band G


*There is no Civil Service equivalent grade for the grade Senior Procurator Fiscal Depute which would fall between Senior Executive Officer and Grade 7

 4) A copy of the Pay Offer for period 2013/14 is attached at Annex A. The Pay Offer for period 2014/15 has not yet been finalised and is therefore not currently held by COPFS in terms of 17 of FOISA.

(i) The pay scales provided include a 1% increase to the band maximum in each grade;

(ii) Progression payments are being paid for those under the band maximum;

(ii) No performance related bonuses have been paid.

5) There were no changes to the terms and conditions implemented as a result of the Civil Service Reform Plan (Modernising the Employment Contract).

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