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Payments to Ricoh (R008803)

Freedom of Information: Payments to Ricoh (R008803)

Thank you for your further e-mail of 20 October 2014 under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) in which you seek the following information:

“"Thank you for your letter of 10 October 2014 in response to my FOI request.  

In your letter you refer to a contract awarded on 9 December 2011 following a mini-competition under an existing SG Framework Agreement.

(1) Were the full details of this award published and are they available to the public?

(2) Was the award for the provision of specific goods and services and, if so, has this changed or have additional goods or services outwith the original specification been provided since the contract was awarded without further competition?

I look forward to hearing from you."

Enquiries have been conducted and I can confirm that information is held in relation to your request, which I have included below.

(1) I can advise that a contract award notice was not published, there being no requirement to do so. Rather, the contract awarded on 9th December 2011 was a “call-off” from a Framework which was a previously published contract.  The award on 9 December 2011 was issued to Ricoh following a 'mini competition;' Ricoh having previously won a place on the Framework through fair and open competition.

(2) I can further advise that the award was for the entire solution and no additional products or services have been added to those originally tendered for.