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0844 Telephone Numbers

16 May 2013

Freedom of Information Request: 0844 Telephone Numbers

Thank you for your request dated 3rd May 2013 under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) requesting the following information regarding details for telephony within COPFS.

1. Which body (or bodies) has received the revenue from the 0844 telephone numbers used by the COPFS, over the last 3 years? 

2. How much has been generated from the COPFS 0844 numbers, or if not known what is the duration of calls made to these numbers, over the last 3 years?

The billing profile that has been adopted by COPFS is based on a lo-call flat rate to the customer. We do not derive any income from calls to our 0844 numbers nor is any portion of the cost to our customers offset against the supply of goods and services. COPFS was alert that there might be increased costs for those who used prepaid mobiles or call plans because at present, the major carriers do not recognise many 084 prefix numbers in their call-plans. For that reason, standard letters issued by COPFS provide a geographic contact number as well. 

The decision to use a non geographic number for contact purposes was made to release significant savings, to the public purse.  Savings of over £500,000 have been released since its inception in 2008.