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Rates payable to witnesses

5 December 2012

Freedom of Information request: Rates payable to witnesses

Thank you for your email dated 23rd October 2012 under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) requesting details of the current rates payable to Crown witnesses in respect of various rates and subsistence claims.

Please find attached at Appendix A the information which you requested.

Appendix A
Rates Payable
Ordinary witness allowances

Day subsistence


Attendance up to 5 hours


Attendance over 5 hours but not 10 hours


Attendance over 10 hours but not 15 hours


Attendance over 15 hours


Overnight allowances

Attendance overnight


Attendance overnight staying with friends and relatives


Mileage allowances

Motor mileage allowance

28p per mile

1st passenger

2p per mile

Additional passengers after 1st.

1p per mile


28p per mile


7p per mile

Childminding and carers’ expenses


Registered childminder


Non-registered childminder


Carer’s expenses


Semi-professional witnesses

(Payable at 60% of professional witness rates)

Semi-Professional witnesses

Professional Witness Rate


Absence from practice or residence up to two hours



Absence from practice or residence for two hours but not over four hours



Absence from practice or residence for four hours but not over six hours



Absence from practice or residence for over six hours



Please remember there is cap for overnight stays on bed and breakfast only of £80.