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Planning work carried out to consider the impact of Brexit on IT systems (R015621)

Thank you for your request dated 14 March 2017 under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) for the undernoted information:

"I would like to receive details of any planning work that has been carried out to understand the possible impact of Brexit on IT systems operated by or behalf of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, including any relevant arms-length bodies.

Planning work could include internal investigations, seeking advice from other government bodies, external consultancy, systems testing or development.

By 'impact' I mean modifications to existing IT systems, and/or development of new systems, required to enact any changes to government policy that might result from Britain’s departure from the EU.

Please could you let me have:
1. Details of any such planning work carried out to date, and which IT system(s) it relates to

2. Any advice the organisation has received, as a result of this planning work, about actions it may need to take to ensure its IT systems are ready for Brexit, including estimated costs if available

3. An indication of whether the organisation has already undertaken these actions, is planning to undertake them, or is considering them pending further information."
COPFS continues to engage with the Scottish Government and its justice sector partners to monitor the situation in relation to Brexit and to determine its impact on legislation, policies and IT systems. COPFS is positioned to consider potential risks and issues that may arise as a result of Brexit. Based on initial analysis, COPFS has not undertaken an impact assessment on modifying or developing its IT systems in relation to Brexit. COPFS will develop plans for managing any required changes to its IT systems as further details become available. The Information Systems Division (ISD) within COPFS monitors and assesses relevant government, business and IT industry Brexit related research and analysis to adopt current best practice and to assist it in developing long-term approaches and planning. COPFS will continue to monitor and devise risk mitigation measures in regard to the impact of Brexit on its key IT services providers.