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Responses we have made to FOI requests

Information on number of on online hate crime for 2015-16 December 2017 (R01736)

Costs of Investigation and prosecution in case involving Rangers FC – December 2017 – (R017359)

Websites, Links and Pages Blocked by COPFS – December 2017 (R017353)

Witnesses Cited in Sheriff and Jury Cases – December 2017 – (R017336)

Action following Death Report – December 2017 (R017313)

Information on Non-Court Disposals – December 2017 (R017310)

Monies Paid to External Contractors, Consultants and Experts in case involving Rangers Football Club – December 2017 (R016589)

Licensing (Scotland) Act charges reported for all of Scotland and the Western Isles (R017253) – November 2017

Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016 “Revenge Porn” (R017251 )– November 2017

Training Costs – November 2017 - (R017179)