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Responses 2017

Children reported for sexual offences – (R017185) November 2017

Sexual Offence prosecutions where offender and victim under age of (R017162) November 2017

Accused on Bail for Murder/Attempted Murder – November 2017 (R017178)

Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act – November 2017 (R017063)

Dog Fouling and Littering charges reported to COPFS by Local Authorities – October 2017 (R016946)

Prosecutions of Child and Domestic abuse for 2015- 2016 in Scotland or Glasgow (R016936) October 2017

Terrorism Related Offences in North and North East of Scotland – October 2017 (R016810)

Bogus Workmen - October 2017 -(R017015)

Tax avoidance, tax evasion and tax fraud cases prosecuted with outcome (R017036) Oct 2017

SECTION 37 OF THE SEXUAL OFFENCES (S) ACT 2009 – October 2017 (R016908)