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Responses we have made to FOI requests

Police Officers reported for criminal offences, outcomes and time between report and trial (R015610)

People liberated from Custody for Further Enquires – (R015574)

Copy of Paper EB16/17(35) - (R015448)

Expenses of Lord Advocate for period 2013/14 to 2015/16 (R015491)

Fraud cases reported to COPFS; broken down by category of offence and action taken. (R015394)

Health and Safety Investigation reported from Grampian and Highlands & Island Sheriffdom in 2013;2014;2015 & 2016 (R015604)

Charges reported to COPFS under Section 39 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (S) Act 2010 (R015360)

How many prosecutions for Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 S28(1) - Fail to comply with a repairing standard enforcement order (R015680)

European Arrest Warrants which COPFS has declined to execute (R015272)

Number of Post Mortems and View and Grant examination (R015135)