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Responses 2017

COPFS usage of temporary buildings/Portakabins in the last 3 financial years 2013-2016 (R015917)

Victim’s Right to Review (R015797)

Warrants issued for person last know address England, Wales or Northern Ireland (R015712)

Prosecutions regarding the Section 127 (1) (a) of the Communications Act 2003, since 2013 (R015707)

Civil Recovery Reports for 2014- 2016 (R015706)

Civil Assets Recovery for 2010 – 2016 (R015705)

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, Section 53(1) R015750

Bogus callers and building scammers prosecutions in Kilmarnock jurisdiction R015713

Fatal Accident Inquiries (R015469)

Health and Safety Cases (R015426)