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COPFS Functions

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is organised into distinct Functions:

High Court Function

Deputy Crown Agent: Lindsey Miller 

Our High Court function deals with the most serious cases, for example homicide, major crime, sex offences and cold cases. The Procurator Fiscal for High Court is Stephen McGowan. This Function is managed nationally and deals with cases for the whole of Scotland through the High Court Function in COPFS Headquarters in Crown Office Edinburgh and four hubs based in:

  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

The High Court and the Specialist Casework Functions together are known as Serious Casework.


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Local Court Function

Deputy Crown Agent: John Dunn






Our Local Court function deals with all Summary and Sheriff and Jury cases. This function is managed nationally by two Procurator Fiscals, Liam Murphy and Anthony McGeehan but delivered locally through a geographical structure based on the six Sheriffdoms and their associated Criminal Justice Boards. National Initial Case Processing is also part of the Local Court function.

Each of our Sheriffdom Business Units is headed by a senior prosecutor who has responsibility for all cases prosecuted in Justice of the Peace and Sheriff Courts within that Business Unit. These Sheriffdoms are:

  • Glasgow & Strathkelvin
  • Grampian, Highlands & Islands
  • Lothian & Borders
  • North Strathclyde
  • South Strathclyde, Dumfries & Galloway
  • Tayside, Central  & Fife


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Operational Support Function

Deputy Crown Agent: John Logue

Our Operational Support Function supports the day-to-day business of COPFS providing Business Services led by Ian Walford, Deputy Chief Executive and Policy & Engagement led by Catriona Dalrymple, Procurator Fiscal Policy & Engagement.

The Business Services support includes:

  • Business Transformation Delivery
  • Estates & Business Support Services
  • Finance & Procurement
  • HR/People & Learning
  • Information Systems
  • Strategic Development

The Policy & Engagement includes:

  • Media Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Information Unit
  • Enquiry Point
  • Criminal Justice Team
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Management Information Unit
  • Prosecution Policy Review
  • Victims & Witnesses Team

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Specialist Casework Function

Deputy Crown Agent: Lindsey Miller

Our Specialist Casework Function comprises a number of specialist units involved in the delivery of case preparation and the provision of  other legal services in support of COPFS core functions where the nature, size and/or complexity of the case or subject matter means that it is most effectively dealt with within Specialist Casework. This Function is managed nationally by Liam Murphy, Procurator Fiscal Specialist Casework, but delivered from various locations throughout Scotland.

The Specialist Casework units are:

  • Appeals
  • Criminal Allegations against the Police
  • Health and Safety Crime (including the Helicopter Incident Investigation Team)
  • International Co-operation Unit
  • Proceeds of Crime Unit
  • Scottish Fatalities Investigation Unit   (including Road Traffic Fatalities Unit)
  • Serious and Organised Crime  (including Counter-Terrorism and Economic Crime)
  • Wildlife and Environmental Crime Unit 

The Civil Recovery Unit also sits within Specialist Casework.

The Specialist Casework and the High Court Functions together are known as Serious Casework.


Contact details, addresses and maps showing locations of COPFS offices are shown on the Our Offices page.
You can find out more about our Sheriffdom Business Units and National Initial Case Processing here


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