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Two men fined for killing wild birds

Two men, aged 31 and 26 years-old, have been fined for killing an Oystercatcher and a Gull in two separate wildlife crime incidents last year.

Alan Rennie and Barry Shaw, both from Edinburgh, were fined £1000 and £500 respectively after pleading guilty to two charges under Section 1(1)(a) under to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today.

The court heard that on the evening of 26th April 2016 at an address around Edinburgh Park, Barry Shaw was seen getting out of a black Volkswagen Golf belonging to Alan Rennie and chase a gull, repeatedly firing a slingshot at it, causing it injury and leaving it unable to fly. Shaw was seen to stand on the head of the seagull before picking it up and placing it in the car before driving off.

On 15th June 2016, a slingshot was fired from the passenger window of the same black car. Alan Rennie then left the car from the driver’s side and headed in the direction of where the sling shot had been fired. Rennie came back to the car holding the Oystercatcher round the neck and began to swing the bird round by the neck.

Following searches carried out at the accuseds’ home addresses, Police Scotland recovered ball bearings, slingshots and a frozen Oystercatcher.

Sara Shaw, Procurator Fiscal, Wildlife and Environment, said:

“The actions of Shaw and Rennie were cruel and callous.

“Wild birds are protected under our wildlife laws and those who choose to commit wanton acts of violence against them can expect to be brought to justice.”