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Pensioner who murdered woman jailed for a minimum of 16 years

A 72-year old man has been sentenced to life imprisonment and will serve a minimum 16 years in jail for murdering a woman in her Inverness home..

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that at some point between 28th and 31st March 2016 Michael Taylor carried out a frenzied attack on 60-year old Elizabeth Muir and beat her repeatedly and so severely that she died as a result of a number of significant head injuries.

Ms Muir was found after two friends visited her home and discovered her body on the kitchen floor.
Although Taylor denied the offence, the Crown led evidence that his DNA was found on the body of Ms Muir and his fingerprints  were found in her blood nearby.  When he was detained by police the following week, DNA from Ms Muir was recovered from the watch he was wearing.
In addition, medical staff from the prison where Taylor had been kept on remand told the court of admissions he had made to them.

He told them, unprompted, he had only punched Ms Muir repeatedly, but claimed he was acting in self defence after she had come at him with a knife. 

No knife was ever found and it is clear from their verdict that the jury dismissed his claims that  he was not responsible for her death.

Speaking following the sentencing, Nicky Patrick, Procurator Fiscal for Homicide and Major Crime, said:

“Michael Taylor carried out a brutal attack which left a woman dead in her own home and her murder was a great shock to the local community. 

“Despite denying the crime, the commitment of police and prosecutors ensured that he did not escape justice for his appalling actions”