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Crime prevention order for drug dealer

A man caught with drugs and firearms has been given an order designed to prevent him returning to crime when he is released from jail. 

William Wilson was jailed for five years last month after he admitted two of charges of supplying drugs and two firearms offences. 

The court heard that the 37-year-old had been found with heroin worth nearly £135,000 and cannabis resin with an estimated value of more than £53,000. 

Wilson was also found with an illegal firearm, a bolt action rifle, and ammunition in August last year. 

The Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO) granted at Edinburgh High Court today imposes significant and stringent restrictions on Wilson’s activities once he is released from custody. 

The SCPO, which will last for three years, stops him from owning any chemicals which could be used to produce controlled drugs or new psychoactive substances, or are restricted by the Home Office. It also says he cannot buy or possess chemicals which could be used as cutting agents or drug manufacturing equipment. 

The order also restricts his ability to own communication devices, including phones and laptops and requires him to let police know of all premises he owns or occupies, and any intention to change his name.  

Nicola Patrick, Procurator Fiscal for Homicide & Major Crime, said:

“Serious Crime Prevention Orders are a powerful tool in our fight against serious crime and drug dealing in Scotland. This will send a message to drug dealers that we will not stop at prosecution and work to restrict their ability, even after they have been released from jail, to return to criminal activity.”