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Lengthy jail sentence for drug importer

A drug trafficker who imported cocaine from Brazil has been jailed for five years and three months.

Clydebank man, Vincent Dolan (42) had been waiting to receive a delivery of high purity cocaine but his plans were foiled after Border Agency Officers intercepted the package.

The package arrived at the Coventry International Hub from Corumba in Brazil. It was addressed to a Pete Dolan, later confirmed to be an alias of the accused.

Intelligence received had indicated Dolan was interested in the importation of liquid cocaine from Brazil and an initial sample test of the package confirmed the presence of the drug.

On 12th October 2017 the package was opened and found to contain 40 sheets of card impregnated with cocaine which were removed by National Crime Agency (NCA) Officers and replaced with similar looking items before it was resealed. Later that day it was delivered to Dolan by an undercover Police Scotland Police Officer posing as a Parcel Force Courier.

Unknown to Dolan, he was under surveillance and when he left the property a short time later he was arrested by two NCA Officers. In the two bags he was carrying not only did they find the placebo cards from the package they intercepted but also another bag carrying cocaine impregnated cards which had originated in South Africa.

The total weight of the cocaine is his possession was estimated to have a value of around £105,000.

Speaking following the sentencing at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday, Nicky Patrick, Procurator Fiscal for Homicide and Major Crime, said:

“This conviction means over one and a half kilogrammes of Class A drugs has been taken out of the illegal drug supply chain and the man who sought to profit from this trade is now serving a lengthy prison sentence.

“With each case of this kind we can help reduce the exposure to these illegal drugs and the harm they cause to young and vulnerable people in communities across Scotland.

“We will continue to work with the police and other agencies to keep communities safe from harm, and prosecute those who seek to profit from the illegal drug trade.”