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Hate Crime in Scotland

This publication provides information on race crime, and on crimes aggravated by religious, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity prejudice. It also includes details of offences under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.

 A geographical breakdown of the national figures is also provided below.

Hate Crime in Scotland 2017-18 will be published on 15 June 2018.

Hate Crime in Scotland Report

docxHate Crime in Scotland 2016-17
pdfHate Crime in Scotland 2016-17
pdfHate Crime in Scotland 2010-11 to 2016-17 (breakdown by Procurator Fiscal Office)


docxHate Crime in Scotland 2015-16.docx
pdfHate Crime in Scotland 2015-16.pdf


pdfHate Crime in Scotland 2014-15 183.8 KB


pdfHate Crime in Scotland 2013-14122.86 KB


pdfHate Crime in Scotland 2012-13.193.05 KB


pdfHate Crime in Scotland 2011-1248.26 KB
pdf(Read Only PDF version - Hate Crime 2011-12) 48.26 KB


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Reports relating to COPFS Public Sector Equality duties


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Equality Impact Assessment records


pdfStaff Customer Service Survey 2017 - 18 May 2017
pdfDomestic Abuse Protocol - 28 February 2017


pdfSheriff and Jury Witness information phoneline - 29 December 2016
pdfCOPFS Transitioning at Work policy - 20 July 2016.pdf


pdfShaping the Future Programme - November 2015
pdfSecurity Breach Management - 21 May 2015
pdfRight to Review - 22 July 201549.64 KB


pdfCOPFS corporate brand - 12-201452.04 KB
pdfDoc Scanning software - 12-201456.43 KB
pdfConfiguration Management Policy - 17-11-201473.59 KB
pdfWireless Use Policy - 17-11-201473.59 KB
pdfIT Patch Management Policy 17-11-201473.56 KB
pdfRemoveable Media Policy 17-11-201447.11 KB
pdfRemote and Mobile Working Policy 17-11-201447.35 KB
pdfSecure Disposal of Information and Equipment Policy17-11-201447.35 KB
pdfCOPFS Information Classification Policy 17-11-201473.33 KB
pdfCOPFS Information Risk Management Policy 17-11-201473.59 KB
pdfE-Court project revised - 11-2014 204.43 KB
pdfPresentation Skills course 21-10-201424.26 KB
pdfCOPFS Acceptable Computer use Policy 09-10-2014.pdf84.74 KB
pdfInformation Access Control Policy 30-09-2014 73.57 KB
pdfAcceptable Use of IT policy - 30-09-2014 52.72 KB 
pdfVAT Fraud toolkit - 24-09-14.pdf 17.06 KB
pdfEIA Transgender policy - 08-09-2014 52.36 KB
pdfInformation Security policy - 04-08-2014 48.55 KB
pdfCOPFS Incident Management Policy - 04-08-2014.pdf84.82 KB
pdfCOPFS Incident Response Policy 04-08-2014.pdf 73.35 KB
pdfSerious and Organised Crime e-learning pack 22-07-2014 35.71 KB
pdfCase Management in Court (E-Court) Project  01-04-2014 127.44 KB
pdfFiscal Work Orders 19-02-2014 16.14 KB
pdfOlder Persons Prosecution Policy 9-01-2014 16.84 KB


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Equality Advisory Group membership and biography information


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Equality Advisory Group minutes


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Proud in COPFS


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Justice Equality and Diversity Sub Group


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