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Crossing boundaries in reform of criminal law

COPFS is to host the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law conference in Edinburgh from 21-25 June 2015.

The Solicitor General, Lesley Thomson QC, will chair the Society’s 28th international conference, bringing together those from criminal justice organisations and academics from around the world.

Under the banner of Crossing Boundaries, the conference will explore the themes of Exploitation, E-Crime, Evidence and Extradition

Catherine Dyer, Crown Agent and a Director of ISCRL, is organising the programme for the conference.

“Every year sees an increase in appreciation of the global nature of crime, throwing up new challenges for all those who work in law enforcement, prosecution, defence, courts, rehabilitation services and prisons,” she said.

“Criminals constantly seek out new ways to profit from exploitation of children and adults for sexual and labour purposes, and expand their opportunities for e-crime.

“Law enforcement and domestic legal systems are continually developing new ways of evidence gathering and presentation, more rapid processes for extradition and appropriate care for the victims of crime and for those who are accused and find themselves tried and convicted in foreign jurisdictions.

“The conference will consider current and future criminal justice responses in the context of these issues facing the Society’s membership in dealing with crime in the 21st century.”

Additional Conference information and registration instructions are available on the conference website: