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Jail for drug dealer

A 46 year old man involved in dealing drugs worth more than £330,000 has been jailed for more than three years.

Thomas Dymond was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow today after he admitted being involved in the supply of cannabis.

The court heard that Dymond was under surveillance by police on 20 September 2017 when he met another man for a drugs exchange. Dymond then delivered the drugs off to an industrial unit in Paisley.

Officers later searched the premises and found nearly 120kg of cannabis resin, worth more than £330,000 when sold on the street. 

The man who delivered the drugs, Michael Murray, was previously jailed for three years for his part in the exchange.

Officers found cannabis resin worth more than £163,000 in Murray’s car on the same day as the exchange with Dymond.

Murray admitted a charge of supplying drugs and was jailed in April 2018.

Nicky Patrick, Procurator Fiscal for Homicide and Major Crime, said:

“This was a significant operation aimed at bringing illegal drugs into Scotland. Scottish law enforcement is working together to do all in our power to prevent these crimes and to bring those who commit them to justice.

“This case demonstrates our commitment to prosecuting serious organised crime and those who bring harmful drugs into our communities.”