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Auction for VAT fraud watches

Two designer watches have been sold at auction, part of the final UK held assets linked to a muti-million pound VAT fraud which spanned the globe.

The luxury items have sold for a total of £12,500, bringing the total value of cash and assets seized from Ronnie Decker and family so far to £2,070,403.40.           

Assets previously seized from Decker include land, properties, bank accounts, jewellery and cash. 

The Civil Recovery Unit (CRU) who act on behalf of Scottish Ministers, worked alongside HMRC and authorities across the globe to examine bank accounts and other assets held in multiple countries including France, Antigua and Luxembourg.

The funds raised from the sale of the watches will be given to the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities fund in due course.

Since April 2018, over £2.5m has been remitted to the Scottish Consolidated Fund from the CRU’s asset recovery and cash forfeiture remittances.

Head of CRU, Denise McKay said:

“Ronnie Decker set out to systematically abuse the VAT repayments system and line his pockets with funds that otherwise would have been available to the public purse.

“This was a complex and lengthy investigation culminating in the recovery of substantial assets, testament to the strong partnership between us and the Proceeds of Crime Unit at HMRC.

“I am delighted that the watches from Mr Decker’s extensive global VAT fraud have now been sold with the money benefiting Scotland’s communities.”