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Catherine Leahy

A 62 year-old woman was sentenced to six years imprisonment at the High Court in Edinburgh on 19 April 2018 for an offence under section 2 of the Bribery Act 2010 after being found guilty of agreeing to receive a financial advantage, intending that her function as a juror would be improperly performed.

The woman served on a jury in a drug trafficking and money laundering trial which returned a not proven verdict in April 2016 following three days of deliberation.

A police investigation was instructed after information was passed to Crown Office staff regarding an alleged bribe to a juror.

Police then used covert audio surveillance to capture recordings of her talking with a family member at her Glasgow home about the allegations against her.

The court heard that the woman was paid nearly £3,000 in four instalments into her bank account between April and June 2016. Prosecutors linked the bank payments to the charge against her.

Sentencing statement.