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International Tubular Services Limited

The Civil Recovery Unit recovered £172,200 under Proceeds of Crime legislation on 17 December 2014, after a Scottish company accepted that it had benefited from unlawful conduct.

International Tubular Services Limited (ITS), which is based in Aberdeen and supports activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction, admitted that it had benefited from the corrupt payment of $17,000 made by a former Kazakhstan-based employee in 2012, to secure additional contractual work from a customer in Kazakhstan.

The bribery and corruption was discovered when the company was being sold. Parker Drilling Company, which acquired ITS, took steps to implement comprehensive anti-bribery policies and training to ensure no further unlawful conduct.

ITS reported its discovery of the corrupt payment to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in November 2013 under the self-reporting initiative.

The recovery represents the total profit made under the corrupt contract in Kazakhstan.