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Monitoring Delivery

This Strategic Plan sets out our objectives and strategic principles over the period 2015 to 2018. Delivery plans are developed each year as part of our annual planning process and are monitored by the Executive Board at its monthly meetings and by the Strategic Board at its quarterly meetings.

Overall responsibility for delivery of this plan rests with the Executive Board. Collaborative Justice-wide initiatives will be managed and monitored through the Scottish Government's Justice Board and the associated Making Justice Work Programme.


A report on performance and expenditure for each financial year is provided in the COPFS Annual Report and Accounts.

To comply with our public sector general equality duty, we will report on the representation of our workforce and monitor the impact of our Employment and Prosecution policies on Protected Groups as defined by The Equality Act of 2010. We will also report on progress to meet the specific duties set by the Scottish Parliament in 2012. The Scottish Government publish a range of statistics, including hate crimes.

We also report on sustainability and how we have reduced our impact on the environment in support of the Scottish Government's Greener Scotland objectives.


We will be open and transparent on the progress of the delivery of our strategic priorities and objectives: by publishing information on our website; by engaging with our stakeholders; and by communicating with the media. There will be regular communication and engagement with staff to ensure they are properly equipped and informed to deliver the Strategic Plan objectives.

Risk Management

We have a formal Risk Management Framework in place, with risks being monitored regularly by a Risk Management Group, chaired by a senior Risk Champion, comprising representatives of each business area and a Non-Executive Director. Risks are also reviewed regularly by the Executive Board and the Audit & Risk Committee. Responsibility for management of individual risks is delegated to specific risk owners with actions monitored and reported.


The Plan will be reviewed annually to ensure the strategic approach remains appropriate.