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Annex - Key Facts For 2013-14


In 2013-14 we:

  • received 303,221 reports (293,672 criminal reports and 9,549 death reports), a 4% increase on the previous year
  • had 36,552 charges with a domestic abuse aggravator reported to us, a 35% increase on 2012-13
  • had 7,479 sexual offences charges reported to us, a 12% increase on 2012-13
  • placed 10,255 cases on petition, of which 1,595 were later reduced to summary, giving a net total of 8,660,a 16% increase on the previous year
  • concluded 34 Fatal Accident Inquiries
  • had 601 disposals in the High Court, a 1% increase in total but there was a 16% increase in trials
  • had 4,750 Sheriff & Jury disposals, 2% less than the previous year but trial numbers increased by 8%
  • had 55,395 Sheriff Summary disposals, a 2% increase in total but had an 8% increase in trial.
  • had 36,095 JP Court disposals, a 10% increase, with a 15% increase in trial.
  • issued 7,785 Warning Letters, a 40% decrease
  • issued 753 Compensation Orders, the fourth yearly reduction
  • had a total of 121,494 non-court disposals, a 6% decrease
  • cited 341,449 witnesses, including 184,949 police witnesse.
  • exceeded all our performance targets.

A range of statistics can be found on our website:


During 2013-14 we spent £107.874m. Of this:

  • £67.542m was spent on staff;
  • £40.332m on other administration costs - of this:
    • £15.805m was spent on obtaining expert reports and witness costs
    • £9.075m was spent on office running costs, including utilities, rent, rates, etc.


As at 31 March 2014:

  • we had 1,532 staff in post on a full time equivalent basis (FTE), compared to 1,486 in 2007
  • of these, 68% were women, compared to 53.3% across the Civil Service as a whole
  • women represented 50% of our Senior Civil Service compared to 37.4% across the Civil Service
  • 4.9% of staff have declared themselves to have a disability, compared to 8.6% across the Civil Service
  • the level of sickness absence is currently 8.5 days per member of staff, compared with 8.7 days per person for the public sector and 7.2 days for the private sector, as reported by CIPD.

Dealing With Requests For Information

During 2013-14, as well as making a range of material available proactively under our Publication Scheme.

  • we responded to 333 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and carried out 47 FOI reviews
  • we responded to 59 subject access requests under the Data Protection Act
  • we answered 317 items of Ministerial Correspondence to the Law Officers, of which 183 were Official Replies.

Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service head office:

Crown Office 25 Chambers Street Edinburgh EH1 1LA

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 0300 020 3000 

Calls can be made through RNID Typetalk. Please prefix our telephone number with 18001

Deaf sign language users should text on 07825 280346, specifying if you would prefer your reply by sms, text or email.

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