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Crown Office Circular

pdf1 2007edited - Fire Scotland Act 200542.17 KB

In order to modernise the fire and rescue services, the Act largely replaces the Fire Services Acts of 1947 and 1959 providing for the constitution of joint fire and rescue boards.


pdf 3 2008 - Book of Regulations - Updating and FOI considerations79.56 KB

Clarifies, with regard to the principles of freedom of information, the responsibilities of members of staff who draft new or additional material for the Book of Regulations.


pdf19 2001 - Fire Investigations13.14 KB

HM Fire Service Inspectorate for Scotland has indicated a willingness to offer their services to Procurators Fiscal in cases involving fire investigations where it is considered necessary to obtain expert advice independent of the witnesses from the Brigade which dealt with a particular fire investigation.


pdfGeneral Minute to Legal Staff - 1 05 - Test Purchasing by Children and Persons under 18 years old180.87 KB

Advises all legal staff that after careful consideration the Lord Advocate concluded that the test purchasing of age restricted goods, should be rolled out on a national basis.