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Disclosure Manual

The manual contains a statement of national disclosure practice which must be followed by all staff in COPFS. This will ensure effective and consistent disclosure practice in all cases across Scotland. This Version December 2014

pdfDisclosure Manual Contents35.56 KB 

pdfChapter 1.Introduction12.08 KB

pdfChapter 2: Disclosure Duty on the Crown: Overview43.09 KB

pdfChapter 3: The Obligation of the Police and Other Investigating Agencies to Submit Relevant Information to the Crown37.95 KB

pdfChapter 4: Witness Statements43.22 KB

pdfChapter 5: Criminal History Records18.15 KB

pdfChapter 6: Productions40.78 KB

pdfChapter 7: Disclosure of Information Prior to First Appearance24.23 KB

pdfChapter 8: Procedures for Requesting & Disclosing Statements and Criminal History Records: General21.33 KB

pdfChapter 9: Procedures for Requesting and Disclosing Statements & Criminal History Records: Summary Cases33.2 KB

pdfChapter 10: Procedures for Disclosure of Statements and Criminal History Records: Solemn Cases36.13 KB

pdfChapter 11: Transmission of Disclosure Information20.87 KB

pdfChapter 12: List of Witnesses15.37 KB

pdfChapter 13: Witness Statements: General38.68 KB

pdfChapter 14: Witness Statements: Format & Content16.08 KB

pdfChapter 15: Witness Statements: Redaction29.54 KB

pdfChapter 16: Schedules of Relevant Information in Solemn Proceedings50.98 KB

pdfChapter 17: Criminal History Records: General31.44 KB

pdfChapter 18: Criminal History Records: Content23.13 KB

pdfChapter 19: Criminal History Records: Redaction34.37 KB

pdfChapter 20: Criminal History Records: Police Officers15.38 KB

pdfChapter 21: Redacted Statements in High Court Cases10.84 KB

pdfChapter 22: Requesting & Disclosing Productions 29.53 KB

pdfChapter 23: Disclosure to the Unrepresented Accused45.38 KB

pdfChapter 24: Disclosure of Information obtained during a CAAP Investigation50.89 KB

pdfChapter 25: Sensitive & Intelligence Information41.25 KB

pdfChapter 26: Appeals44.98 KB

pdfChapter 27: Review of Disclosure14.34 KB

pdfChapter 28: Auditing of Disclosure Practices13.02 KB

pdfChapter 29: Redaction of Productions 19.27 KB

pdfChapter 30: Assistance by Offenders – Disclosure Obligations26.32 KB

pdfChapter 31: The Disclosure Page 55.64 KB

pdfChapter 32: Automatic Disclosure of Information26.23 KB

pdfChapter 33: Disclosure and VIA13.55 KB

pdfChapter 34: The Non-Sensitive Schedule39.67 KB

pdfChapter 35: The Sensitive Schedule35.36 KB

pdfChapter 36: The Highly Sensitive Schedule24.54 KB

pdfChapter 37: Considering Information for Disclosure in Solemn Proceedings49.25 KB

pdfChapter 38: Disclosure FOS Reports17.87 KB

pdfChapter 39: Debates, Applications for Court Rulings, Compatibility Issues and Petitions for Recovery62.44 KB

pdfChapter 40: Professional Misconduct - Investigating Agencies34.94 KB

pdfChapter 41: Fatal Accident Inquiries & Disclosure 25.24 KB

pdfChapter 42: Defence Statements 31.78 KB

pdfChapter 43: Double Jeopardy 30.39 KB

pdfChapter 44: Large and Complex cases105.49 KB