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How to apply

We’re excited that you’re thinking about a career with COPFS. We regularly post new vacancies online. The following points will help you get the most out of the application process.

List of vacancies

Go to our Current vacancies webpage. We list our open positions there. You can browse through or search for a specific job. Click on the tile for the post you’re interested in. The tile will expand to show you more information about that job.

Job information

The job listing gives you the job title and includes information about:

  • pay and benefits
  • hours, leave, and contract type
  • duties of the role
  • location and department
  • the organisation
  • when the vacancy closes

On this page you will also find the application pack and details about how to apply. (The links will be in the listing.) This application pack contains more information and tell you what we need, should you decide to apply.

Find out more

You may want to find out more about the role before you apply.

Look on the vacancy listing for the name and contact details of the advert holder. There will be an email address in the listing and a phone number in the application pack file.

We will be happy to talk with you.

Completing and submitting your application

To apply for one of our job vacancies, you will need to complete a form. Most of our vacancies will ask you to apply via an online form using Microsoft Forms, but some will ask you to apply by downloading a Word document form.  

The job information will clearly tell you which process to follow and contain links to the application forms (online or downloadable). 

It is important that you read the application pack before completing your application form.  

If you need an application form in another format, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Process for Microsoft Forms 

The link to the Microsoft Forms application will be in the job information. Click the link and the form will open. You can now fill in the information on the form. 

You can copy and paste information into the form from a Word document. This might help you when writing your competency answers or personal statement.  

It is important to remember that if you exit the Microsoft Form and try to re-open the link, your information and answers will not be saved.  

If you wish to edit you answers before submitting your application, you can use the ‘back’ button at the bottom of the Form - this will not remove the information already entered. Please do not use your browser's ‘back’ button – this will remove your information. 

Immersive Reader is available on the Form by clicking the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of the form. 

Please make sure you have completed all sections. When you have reached the end of the form, click ‘submit’ to send us your completed application. 

Process for downloadable Word document forms 

The link to the Word document application form will be in the job information. Click the link and the Word form will open in a new window. Click the ‘download’ button. You can now fill in the information on the form using Word. 

There are notes on the form to help you through each section.  

Please make sure you have completed all sections.  

Email or post your finished application to COPFS HR Resource team at the address given in the form. 

Stay in touch

We can tell you automatically about new vacancies that open up at COPFS. Fill in a speculative CV questionnaire to learn more and register with us.