The justice process

Guidance about Scotland's criminal justice system and attending court as a victim, witness or when you have been accused of a crime. Plus, find out what happens after the verdict.

  • Scotland's criminal justice system

    This guide explains how crimes are dealt with by the police and COPFS. Plus, find out what happens at court and after a criminal verdict.

  • Precognition

    Find out information about 'precognition', the interview with the Procurator Fiscal which happens before a case goes to court.

  • Attending court

    What you need to know if your case goes to court. View our guides for victims, witnesses, parents, carers and people accused of a crime.

  • After the verdict

    Guides for victims, witnesses, accused and parents explaining what happens at the end of a court case. Includes return of property, bail and appeals.

  • Scottish Justice System digital map

    Visit the Community Justice Scotland website to explore their Scottish Justice System digital map