Man jailed for dog cruelty and banned from owning animals for ten years

A man whose dog had to be put down after he abandoned it and left it inside a crate for several days has been imprisoned for six months and banned from owning or looking after animals for ten years.

Daryl Torrance, 34, of Mauchline, was sentenced at Ayr Sheriff Court after admitting a charge of animal neglect in October 2022. 

The court heard how an anonymous complainer alerted Scottish SSPCA officers amid concerns a dog had been left for long periods of time and was believed to be locked in the back room of the flat.  

The dog, a male brindle and white crossbreed, was found inside the medium sized container lying on a blanket soaked in urine and covered in faeces. 

It was so weak he couldn’t even lift his head and had to be immediately euthanised due to extreme suffering.  

Alistair Duncan, Assistant Procurator Fiscal for North Strathclyde, said: “This was an appalling example of animal cruelty. This poor dog was left abandoned for a significant period and suffered the terrible consequences of Daryl Torrance’s shocking neglect. 

“The law protects animals from harm and COPFS will continue to work robustly to ensure anyone who breaks the law faces prosecutorial action.” 

The court heard how the Scottish SPCA officers were met with a “with an overpowering stench of ammonia in the stairwell” as they forcibly gained entry to the empty property. 

On entering a bedroom, they found the dog in an emaciated and collapsed state. 

There was a bowl of untouched dog food at the other corner of the crate that he would have been unable to reach and no water.  

He was sitting on top of a blanket covered in urine and faeces. 

After being examined by a vet, it was decided euthanasia was the only option due to the dog’s poor physical condition. 

However, a microchip revealed Torrance was the registered owner.