Two men jailed over serious organised crime plot to kill gangland rival

Two men with links to serious organised crime who arranged to murder a gangland rival have been jailed.

Martin Mullen and Gerald Gilmour’s plan was halted by police analysis of coded mobile phone messages on the EncroChat platform used widely by criminal gangs. 

At the High Court in Glasgow, Mullen, 35, of Paisley, was sentenced to seven years and six months in jail. 

Gilmour, 35, who was tasked with carrying out the shooting, was also imprisoned for seven years and six months. 

A third member of the gang, Alistair Douglas, 57, of Paisley, earlier pled guilty to being involved in serious organised crime and received a sentence of five years and three months. 

At an earlier hearing, the procurator fiscal told the court about EncroChat conversations between Mullen and Gilmour that took place between the end of March and June 1, 2020. 

These messages revealed them discussing their planned victim and the weapon that would be used. 

Later, police, acting on intelligence, confronted Gilmour at a house in Larkhall, Lanarkshire, from which they recovered two guns and a quantity of drugs. 

Kenny Donnelly, Deputy Crown Agent, Specialist Casework, said: “I hope that these convictions and the sentence send a strong message to others involved in this kind of criminal behaviour and demonstrates the ability of police and prosecutors to investigate, prepare and prosecute serious and organised crime of this nature. 

“The Crown will continue working with the police and other agencies as a member of Scotland’s Serious and Organised Crime Taskforce to ensure that these crimes are detected and those responsible prosecuted using all measures at our disposal.”