1. Drugs courier jailed for smuggling cocaine in hidden compartment

    A drugs courier who smuggled cocaine worth an estimated £1m into Scotland has been jailed.

    23 Jul 2024 Cases
  2. Rapist jailed for decade-long campaign of violence and abuse

    A violent rapist has been jailed after assaulting and abusing three women and a child over the course of a decade.

    19 Jul 2024 Cases
  3. Man jailed for indecent assaults on university students

    A man who indecently assaulted three people while falsely claiming to be conducting radiation testing after the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster has been jailed.

    12 Jul 2024 Cases
  4. Rapist jailed after campaign of violent and controlling abuse

    A rapist who subjected two former partners to a campaign of violent and controlling abuse has been jailed.

    11 Jul 2024 Cases
  5. Violent rapist who defrauded over £210,000 jailed

    A violent rapist who defrauded former partners out of more than £210,000 has been jailed.

    10 Jul 2024 Cases
  6. Man jailed for two decades of violent and sexual abuse

    A man who carried out a campaign of violent and sexual offending lasting more than two decades has been jailed.

    03 Jul 2024 Cases
  7. Former youth football coach jailed for historic sexual abuse

    A former Boys Brigade leader and youth football coach has been jailed after historically abusing seven boys in his care.

    02 Jul 2024 Cases
  8. Part-time dog walker jailed for cruelty after four puppies euthanised

    A part-time dog walker has been imprisoned for five months after a dog and its six puppies - four of which had to be put down - were left in squalor inside his faeces-ridden flat.

    02 Jul 2024 Cases
  9. Emergency release of short-term prisoners - using the Victim Notification Scheme

    Information about signing up for the Victim Notification Scheme (VNS) which offers victims information about the release of an offender.

    26 Jun 2024 COPFS corporate
  10. Gang jailed for trafficking women to brothel flats in Glasgow and Edinburgh

    A Chinese crime gang that trafficked vulnerable women to work in brothels in Glasgow and Edinburgh as part of a prostitution network have been jailed for a total of 20 years and nine months.

    25 Jun 2024 Cases