1. Falkirk man jailed for rape and abuse of children

    A child abuser who targeted young girls during sleepovers at his Falkirk home has been jailed.

    11 Jun 2024 Cases
  2. Edinburgh man jailed for rape and abuse

    A man who raped two former partners and abused a third over a three-year period has been jailed.

    07 Jun 2024 Cases
  3. Organised crime gang who supplied cocaine on a 'wholesale level' jailed

    Four members of an organised crime gang responsible for flooding Edinburgh and the Lothians with cocaine have been jailed.

    07 Jun 2024 Cases
  4. Man jailed for abduction and assault of woman

    A man who abducted a woman before subjecting her to a prolonged and violent assault lasting more than 21 hours has been jailed.

    05 Jun 2024 Cases
  5. Man jailed for indecent assault of young boy

    A man who indecently assaulted a teenage boy after exploiting his relationship with the victim’s family has been jailed.

    24 May 2024 Cases
  6. Man jailed after setting fire at Edinburgh flats

    A man who tried to murder a young boy and another man by setting a fire outside their door in a high-rise block of flats has been jailed.

    22 May 2024 Cases
  7. Man jailed for rape and sexual abuse of young girls

    A paedophile who raped a young girl and sexually assaulted another during a deplorable seven-year campaign of abuse has been jailed.

    21 May 2024 Cases
  8. Aberdeen man jailed for raping woman

    A man from Aberdeen has been jailed for seven years after raping a young woman almost a decade ago.

    15 May 2024 Cases
  9. Controlling domestic abuser jailed after raping three women

    A controlling domestic abuser who raped three women – including two on the same night – has been given an Order for Lifelong Restriction.

    03 May 2024 Cases
  10. Aberdeen businessman ordered to pay £65,000 under proceeds of crime legislation

    An Aberdeen businessman jailed for dealing drugs has been ordered to pay £65,000 under proceeds of crime legislation.

    18 Apr 2024 Cases