1. Diversion from prosecution review welcomed

    The Lord Advocate has welcomed a review of diversion from prosecution in Scotland which has concluded the practice is working well and developing in a positive direction.

    21 Feb 2023 Statements
  2. Cameron House Hotel Fatal Accident Inquiry Determination

    The Crown Office welcomes the publication of the Sheriff’s determination following the FAI into the tragic deaths of Richard Dyson and Simon Midgley in a fire at Cameron House Hotel in December 2017. 

    11 Jan 2023 Statements
  3. Lord Advocate speaks at 34th Lockerbie memorial service

    The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC delivered remarks at a memorial service in the United States marking the 34th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie

    22 Dec 2022 Statements
  4. Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC Offers Message of Support to Victims of Domestic Abuse

    Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC today reached out to victims of domestic abuse with a personal message of support and renewed her commitment to tackling the crime effectively.

    19 Dec 2022 Statements
  5. Lockerbie bombing: Statement from the Lord Advocate

    The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC has issued a statement following developments in the investigations into the bombing of flight Pan Am 103 and the murder of 270 people on December 21, 1988.  

    12 Dec 2022 Statements
  6. Sexual Offences Review webpage and Terms of Reference launched

    The Sexual Offences Review has published its webpage and Terms of Reference to give information about its work on reviewing how COPFS deals with reports of sexual offences.

    22 Nov 2022 Statements
  7. The Lord Advocate's opening keynote address at Law Society of Scotland Conference 2022

    'Upholding the rule of law: Achieving fairness in the justice system'

    27 Oct 2022 Statements
  8. Lord Advocate: Protection of sex crime victims is priority

    The Lord Advocate has welcomed a report into how prosecutors apply provisions which regulate the use of evidence relating to the sexual history or character of complainers in sexual offence trials.

    19 Oct 2022 Statements
  9. Outgoing Crown Agent leaves with thanks

    The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC has thanked David Harvie for his service as Crown Agent of COPFS as he steps down from the role. John Logue has been appointed Interim Crown Agent.

    23 Sep 2022 Statements
  10. Attending court during the period of mourning and on Monday 19 September

    Information for those due to attend court in the period of mourning or day of the Queen's funeral

    12 Sep 2022 Statements