1. Stronger powers to seize criminal gains

    New powers to seize criminal gains are increasingly disruptive to serious organised crime, the Lord Advocate has said.

    02 Oct 2017 Statements
  2. Protecting children from sexual offending

    Too many of Scotland’s children and young people are subjected to, or engage in, sexual behaviours that require a criminal justice response. 

    07 Sep 2017 Statements
  3. Crown welcomes Sheriff’s call for review

    The Crown welcomes Sheriff Beckett’s determination following the fatal accident inquiry into the tragic deaths of the six people who died when a bin lorry crashed in Glasgow city centre last year.

    07 Dec 2015 Statements
  4. Investigations by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner Under the Direction of the Crown

    COPFS is the sole prosecuting authority in Scotland and, on behalf of the Lord Advocate, decides in every case whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute.

    11 Jun 2015 Statements