COPFS corporate

COPFS outlines ambitious vision for Scotland’s prosecution service

Today the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) has published a new Strategic Plan outlining the organisation’s vision and goals to 2027.

COPFS delivers a vital service, and our work helps to ensure that Scotland is safe from crime, disorder, and danger. Our Strategic Plan outlines an ambitious vision for the organisation that we want COPFS to be by 2027.

Our vision is to work in partnership across an effective justice system to deliver a high-quality public service. To achieve this vision, we need to be inclusive, compassionate and engage with the public. We need our people to be skilled and we need to support them to consistently deliver excellence.

Delivering our Strategic Plan for 2023-27 will ensure that COPFS is fit for purpose in the face of a changing landscape and that we continue to deliver the quality of service which the public rightly expects of us.

The Strategic Plan outlines the Law Officers’ transformation priorities for the service that COPFS provides.

Our transformation priorities are to:

  • Improve the experiences of women and children within the justice system
  • Improve how we communicate with our customers and partners and the support we offer to the most vulnerable service users
  • Achieve quicker conclusions to criminal and death investigations

The Strategic Plan was created in consultation with a wide range of justice partners, key service users, community groups and COPFS staff. We will continue to work closely with our stakeholders as we work towards achieving our vision.