Man sentenced for the murder of his partner

Scotland’s Procurator Fiscal for homicide, Moira Orr, commented on today's sentencing of Christopher McGowan.

She said: 

“This is a heart-breaking case of the murder of a young mother – Claire Inglis by her abusive partner.   

“Christopher McGowan showed cruelty and contempt for Claire, and his actions have left her family devastated.  

“As prosecutors, we have worked to deliver justice for Claire. The case was carefully investigated by COPFS working with Police Scotland." 

COPFS showed that McGowan had displayed aggressive and controlling behaviour towards Claire prior to her murder.

Moira Orr, Scotland’s Procurator Fiscal for homicide

“By not accepting responsibility for his actions, McGowan made Claire’s family go through the ordeal of a trial. Our prosecution team unpicked his deception, and this has resulted in his conviction for murder.   

“Our thoughts are now of Claire, and we offer condolences to everyone who loved her.”