Criminal allegations against the police

COPFS independently investigates criminal allegations (including anti-corruption cases) made against Police Officers in Scotland acting in the course of their duty. 

Making a complaint about a police officer

Complaints or allegations against police officers should be made directly to Police Scotland. The process for making a complaint can be found on the Police Service of Scotland website.

Police Scotland is best placed to receive, record, assess and allocate complaints, as well as track the outcomes.

Reporting directly to Police Scotland remains the most effective manner of reporting whereby your criminal allegation might be progressed quickly and efficiently.

Reporting your complaint directly to COPFS

We recognise that on some occasions a complainer’s relationship with the Police Service of Scotland will have deteriorated to the extent that there is a fundamental lack of trust or confidence that the complaint will be properly advanced. In these circumstances you may seek to initiate a criminal allegation against an on-duty police officer directly to COPFS using the contact information below.

You can only report criminal allegations against on-duty police officers directly to us. This means where you believe a police officer has committed a criminal offence while at work. 

Where an allegation is made directly to us, we will refer it on to Professional Standards Department  of the Police Service of Scotland for further consideration and investigation.

Only new criminal allegations that have not previously been reported to the Police Service of Scotland should be reported to us in this way.


To make a complaint against the Police directly to COPFS, send your complaint to our Criminal Allegations against the Police Division.

The postal address is:

Criminal Allegations against the Police Division
Hamilton Procurator Fiscal Office
Cameronian House
3/5 Almada Street

You may also contact our Criminal Allegations Against the Police Division by emailing our Enquiry Point at or calling on 0300 020 3000.