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Subject to the statistical data topic COPFS does not provide statistical information for groups of fewer than five and relevant numbers are replaced with an asterisk. Some values of five or more may also be replaced with an asterisk to ensure that no suppressed values can be deduced by subtraction from a total.

COPFS applies this approach, where appropriate, to requests for data such as FOI responses, parliamentary questions and other statistical reports which are published on the COPFS website. This practice best meets the COPFS legal responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation implemented in 2018.

COPFS should not be providing information that identifies, or potentially allows to be identified, an individual person or some personal information about that individual. The prosecution service can receive separate requests over a period of time for related but slightly different information e.g. by age, sex, location, crime, etc. and for overlapping time periods or geographies. These separate pieces of information taken together for numbers fewer than five could create the potential risk of identifying individuals.

Hate crime in Scotland

Information on race crime and on crimes aggravated by religious, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity prejudice is available on our Equality and Diversity page. Hate Crime in Scotland 2019-20 will be published on 12 June 2020.


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COPFS Performance

COPFS has a national database which stores operational information about our cases. That allows us to take decisions in each case and track the outcomes. We use it to help us manage our casework effectively and, although it is not a statistical database, we are able to use some of the information it provides to help us monitor aspects of our performance.


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Civil Recovery Unit Annual Reports


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Retained organs


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Domestic abuse


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Civil Service People Survey

The Civil Service People Survey (CSPS) is an annual survey of the attitudes and work-life experiences of Civil Servants. Managed by the Cabinet Office it is open to all Civil Servants and those that work for Civil Service organisations. The CSPS provides consistent and robust metrics which helps understand how to improve levels of engagement across the Civil Service and in individual organisations. 

The Civil Service publish organisation and benchmark scores on the Government website.


COPFS survey scores:

pdfCOPFS - Civil Service People Survey 2019

pdfCOPFS - Civil Service People Survey 2018

pdfCOPFS - Civil Service People Survey 2017

pdfCOPFS - Civil Service People Survey 2016


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Employee statistics