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  1. Pre-trial therapy provision for victims of sexual crime

    Guidance for those supporting victims of sexual crime who wish to seek therapeutic support or counselling prior to or during court proceedings.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 14 Oct 2020
  2. Sensitive personal records policy

    Policy explaining the rules governing the recovery and use of sensitive personal records during the investigation and prosecution of serious offences.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 12 Oct 2020
  3. Lord Advocate’s guidelines: Legal Professional Privilege

    Guidelines to the police on material that may be subject to Legal Professional Privilege (LPP).

    Prosecution policy Last updated 05 Mar 2020
  4. Lord Advocate's guidelines: Antisocial behaviour orders

    Guidance to police about reporting of cases involving a breach of an antisocial behaviour order.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 14 Feb 2020
  5. Lord Advocate's guidelines: Visual identification procedures

    Lord Advocate's guidelines to the police on using visual identification parades to identify suspects.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 17 Sep 2019
  6. Sharing of evidence in cases involving children

    Agreement on the sharing of evidence and information between the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, COPFS and the Police Service of Scotland.

    Agreement Last updated 01 May 2019
  7. Memorandum of understanding between COPFS and the Serious Fraud Office

    This memorandum sets out how COPFS and the Serious Fraud Office will cooperate and share information in cases of bribery and corruption.

    Agreement Last updated 05 Dec 2018
  8. Lord Advocate’s guidelines: Offending at football matches

    Lord Advocate's instructions to the police on offending at football matches.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 11 Jun 2018
  9. Reluctant complainers in cases of rape and serious sexual offending policy

    Prosecution policy explaining how prosecutors will respond to reluctant complainers in cases involving rape or other serious sexual offending.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 12 Mar 2018
  10. Lord Advocate's guidelines: Investigation of road traffic deaths

    Lord Advocate's guidelines for the chief constable on the investigation by the police of road traffic deaths.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 05 Dec 2017