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  1. Lord Advocate's guidelines: Incidents at sporting events

    Lord Advocate guidelines to chief constables regarding incidents between sports people during sporting events, especially those in front of crowds or televised.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 13 Oct 2015
  2. Lord Advocate's guidelines: Citation of witnesses

    Lord Advocate's guidelines to police on procedures to be followed in the citation of witnesses for attendance at court.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 12 Oct 2015
  3. Lord Advocate’s rules: Review of a decision not to prosecute

    Read the Lord Advocate's rule regarding a victims' right to review following a decision not to prosecute.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 01 Jun 2015
  4. Investigation of crime MOU

    A memorandum of understanding between the Scottish Information Commissioner, COPFS and Police Scotland in relation to the investigation of crime.

    Agreement Last updated 01 Apr 2015
  5. Code of practice: Interpreters and translators in court

    Code of Practice setting out responsibilities and obligations of organisations relating to interpreters and translation in the Scottish criminal justice system.

    Code of practice Last updated 01 Apr 2015
  6. Disclosure manual

    The Disclosure Manual outlines the disclosure practice prosecution teams must follow in criminal cases in Scotland. View the web version here.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 01 Dec 2014
  7. Transgender accused policy

    Prosecution policy explaining how prosecutors will deal with cases in which the person accused of a crime is transgender.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 22 Sep 2014
  8. Prosecution policy on the sexual transmission of infection

    Prosecution policy explaining how COPFS deals with cases involving an allegation of intentional or reckless sexual transmission of, or exposure to, infection.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 01 Jul 2014
  9. Competition and Markets Authority MOU

    MOU between Competition & Markets Authority and COPFS in relation to the investigation/prosecution of the cartel offence established by the Enterprise Act 2002.

    Agreement Last updated 01 Jul 2014
  10. Same sex marriage prosecution guidance

    Guidance document for prosecutors in relation to incidents reported involving criticism of or support for same sex marriage.

    Prosecution policy Last updated 27 Jun 2013