Deaths in hospital linked to COVID-19: September 2022

Deaths in hospital linked to COVID-19 as per records held by the COVID deaths investigation team (CDIT) as at 14 September 2022


On 25 May 2021 in response to an FOI request, COPFS published data in respect of the number of deaths linked to COVID-19 in hospitals to date, as per records held by the COVID Deaths Investigation Team (CDIT).

COPFS continues to published updated figures in respect of this data every 12 weeks. The latest updated figures have now been published.  The data was accurate as at 14 September 2022.The figures do not include deaths at home addresses or hospices or care home residents where the resident died in hospital after contracting Covid-19 in a care home.  Care home death figures are published separately. The figures also do not include the deaths of any persons who was in lawful custody but was transferred to hospital for treatment immediately prior to death and does not include deaths of workers even where they died in hospital. The data provided is from CDIT working records.