Minutes of the Operational Performance Committee – November 2023

First published

12 Dec 2023

Last updated

12 Dec 2023

Operational Performance Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 1 November 2023 by Microsoft Teams


  • Stephen McGowan Deputy Crown Agent – Litigation (Chair) (DCA)
  • Andy Shanks Deputy Procurator Fiscal, Specialist Casework (AS)
  • Graham Kerr Head of Business Management Local Court (GK)
  • Lana Thomas PA DCA – Serious Casework (Secretariat) (LT)


  • Fiona Roberts Head of Management Information Unit (FR)
  • Andrew Richardson Procurator Fiscal, High Court (AR)
  • Laura Buchan Procurator Fiscal, Policy and Engagement (LB)
  • Andrew Laing Deputy Head of Local Court (AL)

Welcome and apologies

The DCA welcomed everyone to the meeting, apologies were noted for the above.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of last meeting were agreed and can be published.

Outstanding actions

Audit Report on response to Pandemic - Stephen discussed at Exec Board, now to provide update on what we are doing re external audit report by next week.

Monthly stats/Key performance indicators

High Court

Paper noted, nothing further to raise or highlight.

Local Court

GK provided updated figures -

Currently sitting with 7715 unmarked cases: 456 between 4-10 weeks old and 2400 over 10 weeks old.

LC working on Business Case for additional resource, re legislation.

Specialist Casework

AS highlighted Toxicology delays, some improvements but unsure at this point if deadline of turnaround 5 week will be met.

CDIT- paper being submitted to Exec Board for discussion, further in-depth report to be discussed at next meeting.

Policy & Engagement

Paper noted, nothing further to raise or highlight.

Minutes for OPC clearance

  • Draft Case Marking Instructions - Section 171 of the Children's Hearing (Scotland) Act 2011- Group content -LT to confirm to author
  • UNCRC Forms & Guidance- AS to provide comment by end of week, LT to confirm to author
  • Amendment & UNCRC Review of HT & Exploitation Guidance & CMIs - AS to provide comment by end of week, LT to
  • Proposed Operational Instruction - Availability of Secure Hospital Beds- AL- Sheriffdom fiscals would like to discuss further- 2 Week time frame to come back, LT to confirm to author


No further Business discussed.

Date of Next Meeting: 7 December 2023.

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