Witness Gateway

Welcome to the Witness Gateway 

This Witness Gateway has been developed to improve the experience of victims and witnesses who are involved in a case, by offering optional online access to information related to their case, and guidance about the court process. 

If you are a victim or a witness involved in a case, you can use the Witness Gateway to: 

  • let us know how you would like to be contacted 
  • update your contact details information 
  • provide availability for attending court 
  • view your court appearance date 
  • view your witness statement (if available) 

The service also allows victims and witnesses to receive emails or text messages to let you know when there has been an update to your case on the Gateway. 

View our video (below) to find out more about the Witness Gateway. You can also read the video script online.

The Witness Gateway pilot 

The Witness Gateway is currently in the trial phase and is being piloted with a selection of victims and witnesses. This means that only some people who are currently involved in a case will be able to use the service. 

What to do if you have received an invite letter from us 

If you have been selected to trial the Witness Gateway, you will have received a letter from us with instructions on how to access it. 

Please follow the instructions on this letter to access the Witness Gateway. To use the Gateway, you will need to verify your identity and log in through ScotAccount, a Scottish Government identity verification provider. If you do not have a ScotAccount, you will be asked to create one. 

If you need any help using the Witness Gateway, please contact us: 

Phone: 0300 020 3000 

Email: enquirypoint@copfs.gov.uk 

If you have not been invited to join the Witness Gateway 

If you have not received a letter inviting you to join the Witness Gateway service, you can still access our support offline: 

Phone: 0300 020 3000 

Email: enquirypoint@copfs.gov.uk